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Electronic Handpan | Black | Free Backpack


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Lumen Handpan is the world’s first electro-acoustic percussion instrument, shaped like a traditional handpan but with electronic pads that open up a world of music, melody, percussion, and personalisation.

Our Midnight model features a stylish matt black finish on the shell.

Your Lumen Handpan includes:

  • 9 Pressure-sensitive pads
  • Full-range, amplified speaker delivering 360-degree sound
  • Up to 8 hours of playback before needing a recharge
  • MIDI functionality¬†(MIDI out and USB MIDI In/Out)
  • Stereo audio output (standard 1/4″ jack)
  • Stand for display, charging, and connection
  • 5 Professionally recorded instrument sample packs
    • Hang 1st Generation
    • Hang 2nd Generation
    • Halo Kiavara
    • Halo Sub Voyage (downloadable)
    • Tingklik
  • Instrument travel backpack case

Customise your Lumen Handpan to your playing style, with complete control over instrument packs, keys, and scales.
Hook your Lumen Handpan up to your DAW to unlock the full potential of MIDI.
You can change these settings on the fly while playing.




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