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Lumen Handpan Support

The Lumen Handpan is an electro-acoustic instrument, feature-packed with professionally recorded audio samples, a built-in speaker and batteries for playing anywhere, pressure-sensitive touch pads, multiple output options, customizable settings, and more.

You can dive into our support resources below to maximise the enjoyment of your new Lumen Handpan, and you’re always welcome to reach out to us directly for further support.

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Lumen Handpan macOS Library:

Download and install the User Library for macOS to add and remove instruments, samples, and sound packs on your Lumen Handpan

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Lumen Handpan Windows Library:

Download and install the User Library for Windows to add and remove instruments, samples, and sound packs on your Lumen Handpan

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Lumen Handpan User Manual:

Browse the User Manual to learn how to change instruments, keys, scales, and advanced settings on your Lumen Handpan.

Lumen Handpan Quick Start

Lumen Handpan Quick Start:

Our goal with this guide is to help you get started with your
Lumen Handpan in less than 30 minutes.

Lumen has an audio out, MIDI out and USB MIDI In/Out.

The audio jack is a stereo 1/4″ (6.3mm) jack – note that it does not support a mono jack connection.

There is a large 10800mAh battery that provides amplified playing time of up to 8 hours before needing a recharge.

Yes,  the pad sensors are divided into 5 zones. Overtones can be accessed on the outer edges, with the fundamental note sounding in the center.

Yes, by dampening one of the overtone zones, the zones on either side of it will sound the harmonics for the current note.

Yes, scales are fully customisable in the range of an octave above and below the originally sampled instrument.

Not on the underside of the instrument like an acoustic handpan, but on some instruments we do sample the Gu and make it available as part of the scale.

Yes, see the section on “Lumen Editor”

Yes, we will continue to sample new acoustic instruments and provide them for purchase on our store.

The Lumen Sample Pack Editor can convert a Soundfont file into the Lumen instrument format, with round robin samples, overtones and harmonics.

A Soundfont (.sf2) file created with any Sound Font editor. We recommend Polyphone.

Our editor is Windows based, to cover the majority of the market. We may look at a fully cross-platform editor in the future.

Feel Free To Reach Out To Us

We are available to give recommendations and answer your questions about any of our products. You can always reach us from 8 am to 5 pm (GMT) or via email anytime at [email protected]

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